Cognex Dataman 150 / 260 Series

Cognex DataMan 150 / 260 Series Fixed-mount Barcode Readers 

High-speed reading of the most challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes

Cognex DataMan 150 / 260 series fixed-mount barcode readers achieve the highest possible read rates thanks to a high-speed, dual core processing engine that runs the latest Cognex algorithms.

Cognex DataMan 150 / 260 Series FeaturesCognex Dataman 150 / 260

For 1-D linear barcodes, higher-density 2-D matrix codes, or direct part mark (DPM) codes, the DataMan 150 / 260 series fixed-mount, image-based ID readers deliver unprecedented performance, flexibility and ease of use.

DataMan 150 / 260 series fixed-mount barcode readers achieve the highest possible read rates thanks to a high-speed, dual core processing engine that runs the latest Cognex algorithms.

1DMax™ with Hotbars II™ and 2DMax® with patent-pending PowerGrid™ technology decode damaged or poorly printed 1-D and 2-D codes, despite code quality, printing method or surface that the codes are marked on, and can even read 2-D codes without visible perimeters or quiet zones.

Simplify Installation in tight spaces
DataMan 150 / 260 series models offer straight or right-angled configurations to fit into the tightest spaces. In-line and ninety degree configurations eliminate the need for equipment redesign, and complicated wiring or optical paths with mirrors.

Reduce installation time and cost of ownership
Modular lighting and optics make it easy to change DataMan 150 and 260 series reader lenses and lighting in the field. This not only reduces installation time and resources, but protects the ID reader investment by making it easy to optimize performance for each application and accommodate future process changes.

Optimal image formation for any code
Codes on round, shiny, highly reflective surfaces very often require custom illumination to allow them to be read reliably. Low resolution codes and codes at long working distances also present reading challenges. Cognex’s modular technology makes reading these codes simple.

  • 16 mm lens – compared to the standard 6.2 mm lens, this lens can read smaller codes and codes at further working distances.
  • Liquid lens technology – the liquid lens module gives you the ability to perform autofocus with no moving parts.
  • High-powered Integrated Light (HPIL) – four high-powered red LEDs direct more light onto the code for better image formation. This feature is particularly useful for long distance code reading and high speed applications.
  • Half-polarized front cover – 2 polarized LEDs and 2 unpolarised LEDs can be configured for custom lighting for any application. The polarized LEDs are ideal for shiny, specular surfaces, while the unpolarised LEDS are for long distance and high speed applications. Fully polarized and un-polarized front covers are also available, and can be easily interchanged.

By simply pressing the Tune button on the reader, the reader automatically optimizes the lighting levels, focus, and lighting scheme for best image formation.

Easy to use tune and trigger buttons
The Tune and Trigger button allows for the setup of the application all without a PC or HMI. After mounting the reader, simply press the tune button. Whether the code is label based or a DPM code, the tuning algorithm trains the code and automatically adjusts the optics and lighting to deliver an image optimized for your application.

Once the reader has been tuned, the trigger button makes it easy to confirm that the reader has been set up properly. Audible beep or visual LED feedback makes it easy to know when the code is correctly read.

DataMan barcode reader quick setup app
This convenient web-based app allows you to remotely set up and configure your networked fixed-mount barcode readers on your phone or mobile device. Available from Google Play or iTunes App Store, this app allows you to see images in real-time, adjust and share configuration settings among multiple readers, save and send images, and much more. You can even troubleshoot issues and check read rates anywhere on your factory or distribution centre floor without using a PC.

Perfect for DataMan 100 / 200 series retrofits
The DataMan 150 / 260 series readers utilise the same mounting configuration and pin out as the DataMan 100/200 series ID readers. This provides easy retrofits into existing DataMan 100 / 200 applications without adapter plates, or changes to mounting holes and wiring.

Because the standoff distance from the front of the reader to the code being read is exactly the same, the Field of View (FOV) achieved is the same and no changes to the machine layout, hardware or application are required.

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Image of Cognex Dataman 150 260Image of Dataman 152 262Image of Cognex Dataman 150 260Image of Cognex Dataman 150 260

Image of Dataman 150_260 Specifications





































Cognex DataMan 150 QL / Cognex DataMan 152 QL
Cognex DataMan 150 S / Cognex DataMan 152 S
Cognex DataMan 150 Q / Cognex DataMan 152 Q
Cognex DataMan 150 X / Cognex DataMan 152 X
Cognex DataMan 260 QL / Cognex DataMan 262 QL
Cognex DataMan 260 S / Cognex DataMan 262 S
Cognex DataMan 260 Q / Cognex DataMan 262 Q
Cognex DataMan 260 X / Cognex DataMan 262 X

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