World's smallest high performance reader

Cognex Dataman 100 Fixed Barcode Reader

The Cognex DataMan 100 is the world’s smallest high performance ID reader, reading everything from simple bar codes to challenging DPM marks with ease! It can achieve an incredibly high performance level, deliver six sigma read rates at up to 45 parts per second.

The DataMan 100 barcode reader offers industry-leading performance with Cognex 1DMax and 2DMax code-reading technology and easy set-up.

  • Three position adjustable lens and C-mount lens options
  • Integrated lighting and LED aimer
  • Train and Trigger button for ease of setup
  • USB and RS-232 communications.

Click HERE for the DataMan 100 Quick Reference Guide.

For further information and to view other Cognex Dataman products  follow this link.

Cognex dataman 100Cognex dataman 100Cognex dataman 100

Click here for details of a case study using Cognex products .


Cognex dataman 100




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