Plug and Play 3D Cameras for Robots

Image of Pick-it 3DIntegrating 3D Pick and Place Cameras into a robot cell used to be a potentially complicated and long-winded programming process. Particularly with “Messy Bin Picking” i.e. the products that are not uniformly positioned in the Pick location and could even be piled on top of each other.

Pickit 3D has developed a range of 3D cameras to overcome these traditional issues. Firstly to produce a camera that can handle complex shapes and sizes and also consider anti-collision of the robot and the picking bin. For this it offers a range of 3 different resolution cameras depending on the Field of View / Size of Object, each with a choice of 3 detection engines depending on the application.

Secondly, it offers “plug and play” plugins for all of the most common robots on the market, drastically reducing the time and skill set required to set up the camera / robot, ultimately saving installation costs. Another benefit to the ease of programming means that you can have multiple set-ups stored on the device for various applications / picking tasks.

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