Emergency Product Withdrawal? Product recall? What now?

Emergency Product Withdrawal, Product recallWhether it is a product withdrawal or recall, the potential risks a manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler can face are forever increasing! Bearing in mind that incorrect labelling occurs almost every week in the UK, if a company is faced with this throughout its supply chain, for example incorrect use by dates, it can lead to tens of thousands of pounds being lost, as well as their reputation as a trusted brand.

According to statistics, 2019 was the worse year for recalls, with 117 products being recalled compared to 90 in 2018! (Source statista.com)

Recalls are primarily due to the increase of labelling errors, which could be due to the slow uptake of technology by some companies as they rely on the manual packaging and labelling processes, causing a floodgate of potential human errors.

This is where Acrovision come in!

With our complete 100% end of line Validator solution, we can guarantee that you can say goodbye to manual packaging and labelling errors for good!

Our Validator Inspection Systems monitor and control production lines to ensure 100% the correct product is in the correct packaging with the correct data.

Not only is it cost effective, but our Validator range can also be tailored to meet specific customer needs and requirements. We can offer a bespoke inspection system, with front-end reporting to ensure any defects are rejected and ensure quality compliance throughout the supply chain.

The Validator range will remove your worries and will let you rest easy, knowing that quality compliance is being maintained throughout your chain.

For food alerts and recalls, please visit https://www.food.gov.uk/news-alerts

For more information please visit: https://acrovision.co.uk/solutions/validator-end-of-line/ or call us on 0845 3370250.


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