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Global Issue

We have all heard in the news about instances where mis-labelling on packaging can result in tragic circumstances.

Severe allergic reactions are obviously amongst the most serious. Business-wise, applying the wrong barcode, printing an incorrect Use-By date or applying the wrong Promotion Label can result in at best an irate customer, or worse, loss of business or significant fines / Emergency Product Withdrawals.


This can all be helped with relatively simple and cost-effective technology. Acrovision has developed a suite of Vision Inspection based solutions, namely Validator. Validator 100% checks products for correct barcodes / human-readable text / patterns and even packaging quality. Therefore ensuring that every product has the correct label / information on it before it finally gets packaged and sent out the door.

Validator has been designed to be easy to use, both for creating a new template when a new product is introduced and for speedy swapping of product runs on the line.

There is a range of Validators available to ensure the correct and most cost-effective solution is offered depending on customers needs. Potential customers are Food, Drink and Pharmaceutical manufacturers / packers, in fact anyone who is packaging / labelling goods and need to guarantee the information and quality is 100%!

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