Fixed Barcode Readers for Logistics

Acrovision offers a full range of Fixed Barcode Readers for Logistics.

DataMan 503

The future of sorting applications
• 2048 x 1088 resolutions (2.1 Megapixel)
• Over 120 read per second
• 3.3m/s transport speed
• 36 inch depth of field
• Synchronous multi camera operation

Handles the most challenging application in logistics including: 
• Multisided tunnels scanning parcel applications
• Large format presentation scanning
Fixed Barcode Readers for Logistics

DataMan 300

High Resolution image based barcode reader
• Up to 1600 x 1200 resolution
• 60 reads per second
• Up to 1.5m/s transport speed

Performance upgrade form single line and rastering laser scanners
• Tolerates more label damage
• Eliminates reader “tweaking”
• Image capture and remote diagnostics
• No moving wear parts

For horizontal, vertical and omnidirectional 1-D applications
• Easy replacement for applications where small laser based systems are used
• Simple, tote reading applications

Hotbars Technology

1DMax+™ with Hotbars™ technology for 1-D code reading
• Uses texture to locate barcodes at any orientation
• Extracts high-resolution 1-D signals for decoding
• Combines superior signal fidelity with lighting speed, giving DataMan readers unprecedented performance

Fixed Position Barcode Reading with the Cognex DataMan 302

Barcode Reading Difficult EAN Codes with Cognex DataMan 503

Fixed Position Barcode Reading with Cognex DataMan 503

Cognex DataMan 503 in a Logistics Barcode Reading Tunnel


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