New Product: Insight 2000 Series Colour Vision Sensors

The Cognex Insight 2000 series now includes colour vision sensors for inspection applications requiring presence/absence verification of colours on parts, assemblies, kits and product packaging.

Applications include:
• Automotive
• Food and beverage
• Consumable products

The new Insight 2000 solves simple error-proofing applications and sets new standards for value, ease-of-use, and flexibility. The Insight 2000 is the first vision sensor that combines:

  • Powerful Insight vision tools—proven Insight tools that ensure reliable inspection performance in a single setup environment
  • Easy setup with EasyBuilder—intuitive point-and-click setup interface
  • Field interchangeable lighting and optics—easily adapts to virtually any production line environment without the need for external lights
  • Monochrome and color sensor models—solve presence/absence applications, including color verification
  • Modular body design—configurable in-line or right-angle mounting provides maximum flexibility in tight spaces
  • Full compatibility with Cognex VisionView software and touchscreen panel—operators can easily view inspection results, change settings and save and load jobs

Image of Insight 2000

More information and Videos about the In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensors

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