Wireless Infrastructure

Acrovision offers the complete service for a Wireless Infrastructure install. This starts with the Wireless Survey, through to product selection / supply and final installation and commissioning.

We have listed below some of the manufacturers / products we currently offer.

Motorola Management Suite

  • Motorola Lanplanner Software

    Motorola Lanplanner Software

    • LanPlanner facilitates quick and accurate planning and design of wireless network
    • Quick loading of AutoCAD, PDF, JPEG building drawings
    • Graphically user interface for planning physical location and configuration
    • Auto creation of hardware kit lists and drawing for deployment
  • Motorola RF Management System

    Motorola RF Management System

    • RF Management System provide software tools to control network and security
    • Comprehensive network mapping
    • 3rd party monitoring
    • Troubleshooting and virtualization tool for network maintenance