Fixed Position Barcode Readers

Our many years experience in fixed position barcode readers allows us to offer the expertise in supplying the right equipment for the right job. Whether it is a straight forward “Presentation” requirement or a complex high-speed, in-line application, we have the knowledge to assist.

We offer both line scanners for 1D applications plus Imager based readers for reading 2D barcodes and / or 1D barcodes omnidirectionally.

We also offer advice and supply of readers that read Directly Part Marked (DPM) codes that have been either laser-etched or dot-peened directly to a product.

We have listed below some of the manufacturers / products we currently offer.

Please refer here for the latest Cognex Barcode Overview

  • Cognex DataMan 50

    Cognex DataMan 50

    • Miniature and Lightweight IP65 Housing
    • 60 Frames per Second for High-Speed Applications
    • 3 Versions for Linear, Omnidirectional and Stationary applications
    • Imager Based so no Moving Parts = Long Life
  • Cognex DataMan 60

    Cognex DataMan 60

    • Miniature and Lightweight IP65 Housing
    • Ethernet Connectivity
    • Integrated Lighting and LED Aimer
    • 3-Position Adjustable Lens for Flexible Applications
  • Cognex DataMan 100/200S

    Cognex DataMan 100/200S

    • Miniature Housing
    • Reliable Reading of 1D and 2D Stationary Barcodes
    • USB and RS232 Interface (Ethernet in 200 series)
    • Liquid Lens available in 200 series
  • Cognex Dataman 500

    Cognex Dataman 500

    • Image acquisition rates of up to 1,000 frames/second
    • Read 1D and 2D barcodes
    • Review live images now or later with automatic FTP image transfer
  • Cognex DataMan 100/200Q

    Cognex DataMan 100/200Q

    • Miniature Housing
    • Reliable Reading of fast moving 1D and 2D Barcodes
    • USB and RS232 Interface (Ethernet in 200 Series)
    • Liquid Lens in 200 Series
  • Cognex DataMan 100/200QL

    Cognex DataMan 100/200QL

    • Miniature Housing
    • Reliable Reading of fast moving barcodes 1D barcodes
    • USB and RS232 Interface (Ethernet in 200 series)
    • Liquid Lens available
  • Cognex DataMan 100/200X

    Cognex DataMan 100/200X

    • Miniature Housing
    • Reliable Reading of low contrast Direct Part Marked Barcodes
    • USB and RS232 Interface (Ethernet in 200 Series)
    • Liquid Lens available in 200 series
  • Cognex DataMan Insight ID

    Cognex DataMan Insight ID

    • Unmatched Barcode Reading Performance
    • Multitask with OCR/OCV
    • Flexible Lens/ Lighting Options
    • Micro range lable for space restricted applications
  • Cognex Dataman 300

    Cognex Dataman 300

    • Flexible and Modular Lighting and Optics
    • Uses IDMax for the Highest Possible Readrates
    • Intelligent Tuning for easy Deployment
    • Compact, Industrial Housing
  • Cognex DataMan 503

    Cognex DataMan 503

    • 2048 x 1088 resolutions (2.1 Megapixel)
    • Over 120 read per second
    • 3.3m/s transport speed
    • 1M depth of field
    • Synchronous multi camera operation


  • Motorola MS12xx

    Motorola MS12xx

    • Compact and Durable
    • IP54 Protection Rating
    • Ideal for Conveyer Belts and Assembly Lines
    • Premium Scanning on Poor or Low Contrast Barcodes
  • Motorola MS22xx

    Motorola MS22xx

    • 1D and 2D Symbologies Read
    • High Density Version Available
    • 640 Scans/Second
    • Durable Housing with Integrated Beeper
  • Motorola MS32xx

    Motorola MS32xx

    • Omni-directional Scan Pattern
    • 1D and 2D Symbologies Read
    • Multiple Mounting and Interface Options
    • Millions Installed Worldwide
  • Motorola MS4400

    Motorola MS4400

    • Image Capturing
    • Built-in Illumination
    • Superior DPM Reading Performance
    • Movement Detection Activation
  • Motorola MS954

    Motorola MS954

    • MS32XXWorking Range Over 88.9cm
    • Dimensions 25.9mmx49mmx58.67mm
    • Operating Temp -20 to 60’C
    • Durable Housing

  • Sick CLV410

    Sick CLV410

    • Extremely Compact IP65 Housing
    • Up to 380mm Reading Distance
    • Range of Interface Connection Boxes
    • Easy “Press to Teach” Setup Facility
  • Sick CLV430

    Sick CLV430

    • Reading Depth of Field of 180 to 580mm
    • Single Line, Raster and Oscillating Mirror Versions
    • Ultra Easy Setup Configuration
    • Robust IP65 Housing
  • Sick CLV440

    Sick CLV440

    • SMART Code Recognition Technology
    • Reflector Polling Feature
    • Great Depth of Field
    • Oscillating Mirror Option Available
  • Sick CLV450

    Sick CLV450

    • Reading Distance up to 1.6 Meters
    • Dynamic Focus Control
    • High Read Rate on Dirty Codes
    • Insensitive to Ambient Light or Glare
  • Sick CLV490

    Sick CLV490

    • Reading Range of up to 2100mm
    • High Speed 1200 Scans per Second
    • Real Time Auto Focus
    • External Memory Connector
  • Sick  ICR840

    Sick ICR840

    • 1.3 Megapixel CMOS Imager
    • Integrated Controllable Illumination
    • Ethernet Interface Available
    • High Density Version for 0.1mm Codes
  • Sick  ICR850

    Sick ICR850

    • Reading Field of 80mm
    • 1D and 2D Symbologies Read With Ease
    • Auto Set-up
    • IP65 Protection Rating
  • Sick ICR803

    Sick ICR803

    • Omni-directional Code Reading
    • Fast and Reliable Code Identifiction
    • Dimensions 49mmx40mmx25mm
    • Optical Aiming Line
  • Sick CLV420

    Sick CLV420

    • Compact Design
    • CAN Bus Compatible for easy networking
    • Standard, Long Range and High Density Versions

  • Datalogic Matrix 400

    Datalogic Matrix 400

    • 1.3 and 2.0 Mega Pixels Models
    • Adjustable Focus
    • 1D, 2D and Stacked Symbologies Read
    • DPM Application
  • Datalogic DS2100N

    Datalogic DS2100N

    • High Reliability
    • Advanced Code Builder
    • Rugged IP65 Rated Housing
    • Increased Read Rate on Dirty Barcodes
  • Datalogic DX6400

    Datalogic DX6400

    • Industrial Omni-directional Scanner
    • Automatic Focus
    • Cross Pattern Laser
    • Display and 3 Key Keypad
  • Datalogic DS2400N

    Datalogic DS2400N

    • Incresed Read Rate on Low Contrast / Damaged Barcodes
    • IP65 Protection Rated Housing
    • Self Teach Capability
    • Extremely Wide Depth of Field
  • Datalogic DV9000

    Datalogic DV9000

    • Reads 1D and 2D Codes Omni directionally
    • Multi-Sided Solution
    • Image Saving Capabilities
    • Full Diagnostics and Remote Control
  • Datalogic DS6000

    Datalogic DS6000

    • Step-a-Head Rotating Head Design
    • Display and Keyboard
    • From 250mm up to 2,500mm Reading Distance
    • Code Reconstruction for Optimum Performance
  • Datalogic DS2200

    Datalogic DS2200

    • Ultra Compact – 50 x 40 x 28mm
    • Up to 500 Scans per Second
    • IP65 Rugged Metal Housing
    • Up to 170mm Depth of Field