mvision service

The field-service mobile solution to maximise your productivity and efficiency.


 What is mvision service?

mvision serviceis a fully-integrated end-to-end solution for managing, scheduling and communicating with your mobile service engineers. It drives productivity, efficiency and visibility right through your business to unlock savings, increase profits and provide even better customer service. Using mobile devices, your service team have all the information they would need at their fingertips allowing them to focus on completing jobs effectively to help drive your business forward. Industry recognised documents can be created using information captured on the device, with step-by-step workflows guiding your engineers through the required checks and steps.

How does mvision service work?

Before switching to a mobile solution, most service organisations are reliant on burdensome paper based workflows that require multiple visits and phone calls in order to manage their operation. mvision service creates a paperless working environment where jobs are managed and scheduled electronically using our webbased mvision office website or your existing back-office system. Jobs are dispatched wirelessly in real-time to mobile devices. Your engineer can then view their schedule, view service histories, capture job information, record work performed and gain proof of service with electronic signature capture. It all adds up to a slick and efficient business operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Schedule jobs and send them to engineers in real-time
  • Capture accurate job information and completion data
  • Industry recognised documents can be completed onthe device
  • Job information and updates sent back in real-time
  • View service/customer history
  • Electronic signature capture for proof of service
  • Automatic logging of job duration and start/end times
  • Integrates with satellite-navigation
  • Photo capture for proof of work done
  • Workflows customised to your business needs
  • Stock and parts management
  • Exploded Diagrams with Infomill (optional)
  • Works out-of-the-box or links to your back office(CRM/ERP)
  • Choice of Standard or Rugged Mobile Devices
  • Barcode scanning for easy data entry (optional)
  • Real-time 360 dynamic scheduling (optional)
  • Links to Masternaut vehicle tracking (optional)
  • Optimises utilisation of your mobile workforce
  • Reduces human error – not reliant on paper forms
  • Streamlines and simplifies work for your engineers
  • Greater productivity, visibility and responsiveness
  • The right information always at your engineers’ fingertips
  • Quickly react to unplanned/urgent jobs
  • Improved customer satisfaction on through adherence to SLAs
  • Paperless – cost of paperwork admin removed
  • Complete more jobs per day
  • Improves cashflow and reduces billing discrepancies
  • Proof of service / audit trail for all field-based activities



How it works

Certificate in an instant

Through mvision service solution industry recognised certificates and other forms can be completed on the device and sent back to the office, reducing error and enabling you to keep accurate records. A copy of the certificate can then be printed or e-mailed straight to the customer’s inbox.

Jobs are received in real-time

Your engineers always have access to a real-time view of their schedule so they can focus on getting the job done. This avoids unnecessary calls back to the office and also allows urgent jobs to be prioritised to the top of the list.

Quick and easy navigation

Built-in GPS navigation ensures quick and efficient travel from job to job, cutting out unnecessary miles. The addresses are imported automatically so there’s no need for manual keying. Easy.

The right info to complete the job

Accurate and timely information about each job is available. This prevents the errors and inaccuracies that are associated with hand-written paper based forms.

Job History just a click away

Your mobile workers need quick and easy access to job histories and mvision service delivers this without fuss. Access to the right information ensures the best possible customer service and avoids errors or duplication

Stock & Parts Management

mvision service can manage stock and parts. Additionally, the Wolseley link allows you to check whether parts are in stock at a local Wolseley centre. Optional schematics from Infomill also help your team to complete jobs quickly and accurately.

Proof of work done

Electronic signature capture gives you proof of work done and is sent back instantly to the office. This allows invoices to be issued immediately, improving your cashflow. No more waiting for paperwork to be returned to the office.

 Increase billing and payroll accuracy

mvision service captures accurate start and end times for each job. This provides detailed information allowing the accuracy of billing and payroll to be improved and the number of discrepancies to be reduced.