Collaborative Robot – UR5 Robot Arm

Image for UR5 robot arm and controllerThe slightly bigger UR5 robot arm is ideal for automating low-weight processing tasks like picking, placing and testing.

The medium-sized robot arm is easy to program, fast to set up and, just like the other collaborative members of the UR family, offers a short payback period.

  • Automate tasks up to 5kg.
  • Reach radius of up to 850mm.
  • Fast payback time.
  • The lightweight and flexible UR5 robot lets you automate repetitive and dangerous tasks with payloads of up to 5kg.
  • Low-weight collaborative processes, such as; picking, placing and testing are all perfect for the UR5.
  • With a working radius of up to 850mm, the UR5 puts everything within reach, freeing up your employees’ time to add value to other stages of the production.


Image of UR5 Robot Arm - 5kg payload

Image of Specification for Collaborative Robot models







UR5 Technical Specification

The UR3, UR5 and URImage of UR3 Robot UR5 Robot UR10 Robot10, are each named after their payload capacity. Flexible and precise with outstanding collaborative abilities.

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