Collaborative Robot – UR10 Robot Arm

Image UR10 Robot ArmWhile the largest robot arm in the UR family and the one with the most muscle power, the UR10 robot arm does not compromise on precision. The collaborative robot arm will automate heavier-weight process tasks with payload requirements of up to 10 kg.

Thanks to the reach radius of 1300 mm the UR10 robot arm is especially suitable for e.g. packaging, palletising, assembly and pick and place where the distance between the different operating areas is longer.

  • Automate processes and tasks that weigh up to 10kg
  • Reach radius of up to 1300mm.
  • Fast payback time.
  • The  UR10 robot arm is designed for bigger tasks where precision and reliability are still of paramount importance.
  • Heavier-weight collaborative processes, such as; packaging, palletising, assembly and pick and place are all well suited to the UR10 robot arm.
  • And with a reach radius of up to 1300mm, the UR10 is designed to be more effective at tasks across a larger area.
  • This can save time on production lines where distance can be a factor.


Image of UR10 Robot Arm - 10kg payload

Specification for Collaborative Robot models







UR10 Technical Specification

Image of UR3 Robot Arm UR5 Robot Arm UR10 Robot ArmThe UR3, UR5 and UR10, are each named after their payload capacity. Flexible and precise with outstanding collaborative abilities.

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