Cognex DataMan ID Readers – last chance to buy!

Image for DataMan 8500 hand-held ID readerThis is a last chance to buy reminder for the Cognex DataMan 8500, 8100 and 750/750S handheld ID readers

And also DataMan 100 and 200 series fixed-mount ID readers

These products will no longer be available to buy from 31 March 2017

 Image for Cognex DataMan 8600 hand-held ID reader




The recommended product replacements for the ‘last chance to buy’ products are:

  • For the DataMan 8500 the recommended replacement is the DataMan 8600 high performance hand-held reader
  • For the DataMan 8100, either the 8050X or 8050HDX depending on the application
  • For the DataMan 100 and 200 series, the corresponding DataMan 150 and DataMan 260 series models, depending on the application


Image of table for DataMan readers recommended replacements